It's What You Say And How You Say It
(Writing Profitable Headlines)

marries-own-sonNot Screwing Up Your Headlines...Your headlines mean everything to your advertising...

They not only can attract attention, but they can attract the right attention, and even help sift for the right prospects.

This is not news for those of you in Chula Vista, however.

But there’s lots of marketers make the mistake of thinking that a “Catchy” headline, or catchy headlines, are the be-all, if not end-all, of advertising.

>>>They confuse response rates with effectiveness.

I’m sorry, but if you’re a Tuna fisherman, and you’re only catching sharks, you either need to become a shark fisherman, or you need to change your bait. 

Either way, something’s gotta change.

Well, I used to be the shark-catching, Tuna fisherman once.

I attracted the exact wrong prospects with the exact wrong ad copy, and then bankrupted myself trying to convert them.


It was like asking a five-year if they wanted a candy cane.

Sure!  Their eyes lite up, and they say “yes,” stretching out their arms, ready to grab the candy.  And then I trick them with a sprig of “sweet” Asparagus, instead.  Mmmmm.

“Ick!” they scream, as their faces crinkle up, and they turned their heads away in disgust.

Well anything other than candy, at that point, “is” an Asparagus, as far as they’re concerned.


Well, way, way, back, I wrote a classified advertising headline the read, “Quick Cash For Your House.”

I knew I get some responses.  However, that’s all I thought I needed; was responses. 

Never mind the quality of the response itself.  Pffft

I figured I could sift through the calls, and find the sellers that would be interested in my “creative financing offers.”

Really?  Yup. 

I was baiting prospects with offers of cash, and then switching it to the ‘Asparagus stalk’ of ‘creative financing.’

Now, I’m imagining that someone’s reading this, and asking themselves “Who’d be that stupid?”

Well that approach is done, by accident, all the time.

>>>Lo and behold, I got an email from an investor, friend of mine, with the very same problem I just outlined.  He was looking for seller financing, but advertising fast cash. 

Wherever have I heard that before?

Now ...he could have offered some fast cash, in return for getting some seller financing, but that wasn’t what he was tellin’ prospects, don’t cha know.

No, instead, he was promising fast cash offers, and then trying to convert them into becoming seller financiers.

Not enough of these folks were interested in “carrying back,” or “seller financing,” or doing anything remotely creative, much less knowing what “carrying back” was in the first place.

So, I suggested he change up his ad copy and sift out the people that had to have cash. 

I asked, “Why offer fast cash, if that’s not what you’re prepared to deliver?”

We knew the answer already, but suffice to say we changed up his headlines, and ad copy, and he began to attract the exact prospects, who would be very interested in his creative financing offers.

You’re probably wondering what we did.

Well, as it turned out, this investor became one of my students.

And I showed him exactly what we’ve been doing for a number of years to attract the exact sellers to our lead-generating pipeline.

In fact, I showed him what to say, when to say it, and how to negotiate the price, and close ...without ever having to grind on a seller.

I showed him the way I sift and qualify prospects, so that I have sure closings, and higher profit margins.

More importantly, I offered the way he could advertise, and automatically sift for the most rabid, motivated sellers.

Now, anybody can do this, if they’re ready to change their approach.

You can do this too, if you’re ready to dump what you’ve been taught to do.

>>>It’s your choice today.

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